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List of Benefits

The LGPS is one of the best ways to plan for retirement with an excellent range of benefits that both full-time and part-time employees can enjoy.

These benefits include:

  • A guaranteed pension for life that increases in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI), and enables you to exchange part of your annual pension for a one off tax-free cash payment.
  • Tax Free Life Cover from the day you join the scheme equal to 3 X your pay.
  • A reduction in the amount of tax you pay as contributions are made from your gross pay before deducting Income tax.
  • A reduction in the amount of National Insurance you pay. As a member of the LGPS you are contracted out of the State Second Pension (S2P).
  • Employer Contributions, your employer pays a substantial part of the cost of providing an excellent package of benefits.
  • Your pension benefits are calculated using your salary information and do not rely on Stock-market performance.

In addition:

  • A tiered ill health retirement package if you have to leave work at any age due to permanent ill health. This could give you benefits, paid straight away, and which could be paid at an increased rate if you are unlikely to be capable of gainful employment within 3 years of leaving.  
  • Early payment of benefits if you are made redundant or retired on business efficiency grounds and you are aged 55 or over.
  • The right to voluntarily retire from age 55, although your benefits will be reduced to reflect ealy payment. 
  • Flexible retirement from age 55 if you reduce your hours, or move to a less senior position. Provided your employer agrees, you can draw some or all of your benefits - helping you ease into retirement.